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June 27, 2017

Well-oiled and squeaky-clean: Partnering with Avis to maintain our self-driving fleet

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All vehicles — yes, even ones that drive themselves — need a tune up every once in awhile. With our fleet of self-driving cars growing to 600 minivans, and with people taking trips through our early rider program, we want our cars to always be ready for the road. That’s why we’re bringing on Avis Budget Group to support and maintain our fleet in Phoenix, Arizona.

Beginning later this year, Avis will be able to keep our fleet charged, refuelled and squeaky-clean. They’ll also help maintain our vehicles with oil changes, brake installations, tire rotations, and more (while we’ll continue to look after the self-driving hardware, including our sensors).

Avis Budget Group has decades of experience managing large-scale fleets across 11,000 locations worldwide. As we build out our own fleet, we’ll tap into their expertise in providing efficient and high-quality maintenance at scale. This will allow our team to continue focusing on developing the technology behind our self-driving cars, and getting riders from place to place safely and reliably.